Stepped Microhorn Bangle

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IMPORTANT: These are bangle bracelets, woven with nylon upholstery thread. They do NOT stretch and there is no clasp. There is; however, a slight amount of “give” and “wiggle room” in the thread. Please measure your fist (at the largest spot, near the base of the thumb) to determine if the specified size will fit.

Design Notes: The Stepped Microhorn bangle is built off the Classic 9-Horn Bangle architecture with smaller (micro) horns that step around in a spiral with each row of added microhorns. The Microhorn Bangle comes in 3-Row, 5-Row, and special OOAK enhanced versions.

Stepped Microhorn Bangle 3-Row* $85 – size L: 8.0″ inside circumference, 1.25″ wide (M3BRMT)
* Matching Classic 9-horn Bangle is available here.

Stepped Microhorn Bangle 3-Row* $85 – size 2XL: 9.5″ inside circumference, 1.25″ wide (M3CRGL)
Stepped Microhorn Bangle 3-Row $85 – size S: 7.25″ inside circumference, 1.25″ wide (M3CTVT)
This bangle is made with a mix of vintage Czech and contemporary Japanese beads and was originally made to pair with the “Bellevue, Ella Baker” Fluevog shoes in the Spring/Summer 2018 Floral colorway.
“Cumulus” Stepped Microhorn Bangle 5-Row $120 – size M: 7.75″ inside circumference, 1.5″ wide (M5AQCM)
Stepped Microhorn Bangle 5-Row $120 – size M: 7.75″ inside circumference, 1.5″ wide (M5CUTE)
“9-Horn on Crack” Stepped Microhorn Bangle with Double-Barreled Hypar Inserts 5-Row $250 – size M: 7.5″ inside circumference, 2.0″ wide (M5RU9I)
“Rusted” Stepped Microhorn Bangle 7-Row $180 – size S: 7.25″ inside circumference, 2″ wide (M7TZCV). Note: This bangle will be part of the juried Artworks Northwest Biennial exhibition at Umpqua Valley Arts in Roseberg, OR. The exhibition runs from 9 June through 18 August 2023.

This bangle was originally made and featured in “Our Changing Context: Initial Artistic Responses to COVID-19” online at The Chehalem Cultural Center, May 2020.

Artist statement: “Spiky like the microscopic view of the virus cell, asymmetric – slowly grows/spreads, and the final set of horns are only wingtips, giving the impression it will continue to grow…”

Panic fear spreading
smothered and choked with disease
weathered and rusted
Stepped Microhorn Bangle 5-Row *SOLD* – size XS: 7.00″ inside circumference, 1.5″ wide (M5WH00)
*Donated to the Museum of Beadwork 2021 Fundraiser Auction*
*SOLD* Stepped Microhorn Bangle 5-Row
*SOLD* Stepped Microhorn Bangle 5-Row